Back in 1998, McDonald's released a dipping sauce for their Chicken McNugget Happy Meal in conjunction with the Disney release of Mulan.  For all intents and purposes, this Szechuan Sauce was just another one-off movie tie-in promotion that would fade away like the hundreds of other promotional items the restaurant chain is famous for.

In the Season 3 premiere of the cult smash animated Rick and Morty titled "The Rickshank Rickdemption," the titular Rick references his love for the very limited edition sauce.  Fans of the show have latched on to this moment, and are now mirroring Rick's love for the rare dipping accouterments so vehemently that McDonald's hod no other option but to bring it back!

Get ready Rick and Mortyiites, this Saturday you will be able to get schwifty with your own Szechuan Sauce at participating McDonald's!  Our closest location will be 4605 East Texas Street in Bossier City.  You can find a full list of participating restaurants here.

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