If you missed the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show this week as they broadcast live from their annual 'family vacation' from The Diplomat Beach Resort courtesy of Visit Florida, you missed Big Al's return to the band The Don Cheadles and their new song, Tired of Swiping!

If you're not familiar with The Don Cheadles, they're a band featuring the musical stylings of the one and only Big Al Mack on vocals and J-Si Chavez on guitar! These guys are so big, they even have their own fan page on Facebook and you can follow them here. You can also follow The Don Cheadles on their musical journey on Twitter. 

After a brief hiatus, here's the latest hit single from The Don Cheadles, to the tune of Blake Shelton's I Lived It, Tired of Swiping! Tell us what you think about their new song in the comments section below!


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