Today I promised myself this time around it will be different.  For the past 3 weeks I set a goal and I am sticking to it. I have tried just about every diet out there. All it would take was one cheat meal to turn into a month of cheating and my diet was out the door. Can all my fellow big girls give me an amen? All my life I have had skinny friends who never really understood what it's like to steer away from the shopping trips because clothes just doesn't fit me like it fits them. Most of my best friends have an addiction to eating clean and working out, something that I just haven't been able to take a hold of and make my own. Until today. I am now a part of this new group in Shreveport called Barbell Butterfly. Women of all ages get together, we have teams and we encourage each other all while learning to live a healthy lifestyle.

Lynn Coflield

From the moment I met Lynn Cofield I knew our crazies complimented each other. Lynn who has lost over 125 pounds in 19 months and went from a size 24 to a 4 with no surgeries or medications is rocking her dream body. Lynn speaks my language, something I had yet to find with any trainer or nutritionist. Our first class consisted of learning what to eat to fuel our bodies, our second class was a whole lot of fun, we went grocery shopping. Sounds crazy and kinda lame right? It wasn't, I never thought I'd be that girl packing a lunch every single day because "I have goals baby!". The beautiful women I have gotten to know over the past few weeks have my same struggles, most of us were pretty scared of the gym, and several of us hated "eating clean". There's something about someone knowing your struggle, and having empathy for you that makes this journey easier. This crew has made my personal journey to become healthier a whole lot easier. I love this Barbell Butterfly crew!

Lynn Coflield Barbell Butterfly

Today I made the promise that I will push through until I fit into the jeans I have always wanted to fit into. Why am I telling you all of this? Maybe you are at the point I was at several weeks ago. I refused to go shopping for bigger jeans, so I did the thing. The thing where you listen to a friend who found an awesome group of women who are chasing the same dream, to feel good, and not avoid that camera! If you're wanting to "do that thing" with me check out Barbell Butterfly on Facebook, you can always message me here or find Lynn Cofeild on Facebook for more details. There's a new team starting up February 25th and Barbell Butterfly Shreveport has a killer deal to get you working towards your goals with a group of sisters encouraging you. I hope to run into you at Barbell Butterfly! Here's my before picture, I plan to change it before 2019!

Krystal Montez