Every year in November, the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show and Kidd's Kids take kids with life altering or life threatening conditions on a once in a lifetime trip to Disney, along with their families, in an effort to provide hope and happiness and create beautiful memories together that don't involve doctors or hospitals.

Before the annual trip, the kids and their families are notified via Kidd's Kids 'reveals.' This morning, this show shared Dillon Mitchell's reveal. Before we get to the reveal, some backstory... Dillon is in a wheelchair because of a spinal injury. He was in the car with his father, wearing his seat belt, when another car cut them off causing them to wreck, resulting in Dillon's spinal cord being severed, paralyzing him from the waist down.

On to the reveal... Big Al was on hand for the reveal and worked with Brother Samuel Bailey at the Church of Christ in Cedar Valley and the entire congregation at his church to surprise Dillon and his family.

Grab some tissues and be prepared to make your kids think you're crazy because you'll want to hug them and not let go after listening to this...

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