It was another 'Petty Monday' with the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show and you won't believe what some of the members of Kidd Nation admitted to doing!

So what's the worst thing you've ever done? Have you ever hid sardines in the shower rods of every bathroom in the house after your divorce was final forcing your ex to move to a hotel?

Have you ever thrown a stink bomb in the shower while your significant other was actually in there using it? One member of Kidd Nation said that when he and his wife are fighting, he tightens all of the lids on of all of the items in the kitchen when she's not paying attention. Another listener admitted to removing the label from every single canned good in the house! Of course, you could be like the crazy listener that actually 'dutch ovens' her dogs to get them back when the fart in her face!

Get ready to laugh at the pettiness of Kidd Nation with our replay of 'Petty Monday!' Have a great week!

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