The 30th annual Firecracker 5K at Shreveport's Mall St. Vincent was a huge success with over 3,000 runners taking to the streets and it was an auspicious day for me, as it was my first attempt at a 5K since beginning my #C25K program! 

Oh my goodness... The hills were absolute torture and I'm quite positive we ran straight uphill for the first two miles but after that, it was smooth sailing. Even though I was S-L-O-W! I walk way faster than I run... as my friend Hillary says, I'm a slogger! In my mind, I'm just grinding it out!

Either way, it's kind of embarrassing when you're so slow that people you're pretty sure could be your grandparent's age leave you in the dust... not to mention the stroller runners or the lady who passed me... in a walking boot!

Regardless, I finished and I didn't stop! I made it to the finish line in 58:40... I'm so glad I kept it under the hour mark!

Thank you so much to all of the volunteers and organizers who made this event possible! It was a blast and I plan to do it again! I also can't forget to mention all of the home owners along the race route. You guys are priceless! Thank you for you and your sprinklers!