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Erin McCarty’s Exercise Group Is Growing
Erin McCarty's walking group is growing! Erin, who promised nutritionist and Olympic trainer Dr. Jason Maggio that she'd wlk at least three times a week, had been a little lax of late, but thanks to Dr. Maggio and a little listener encouragement, she's back on track!
Three Simple Things That Can Help You Live Longer
We talked about what you can do to live longer on the show this morning with Dr. Jason Maggio, such as eating better and exercising. But one question gave me pause: what can you do to make sure you live to be 85 years old? I decided to take a pledge to do three simple things to improve my odds of li…
5 Foods You Should Stop Feeding Your Children
Dr. Jason Maggio from All the Way Health Center in Shreveport has a list of foods or food additives that you should remove from your diet especially from your children's diet.
1. Excitotoxins (MSG, Asparatame)
2. Nitrates and Nitrites (turkey sausage and processed meats)
3. Ant...