Erin McCarty

Erin McCarty’s Mardi Gras Day as a Viking
The Krewe of Centaur Parade was spectacular. I was thrilled to be a member of the "Victory or Valhalla" Float. Some of my dear friends invited me to join with them this year for this spectacular day. Our float was sponsored by Albertsons, so we had quite a spread set up for us at t…
Things You Should Not Do After Age 40
As Erin's big Mardi Gras parade weekend approaches and her inner tug-o-war between fun and common sense sways toward the sensible (at least for the time being), she came across this list of 'Things You Shouldn't Do After Age 40'...and realized she may attempt at least four or fiv…
Operation Santa Claus Brings in $1,500
Thanks for joining The Christmas Station, 96.5 KVKI and Erin McCarty for Friday's Operation Santa Claus remote. Erin talked on the radio about an emotional incident that happened to her at the remote Friday morning.
Hallmark Cards For The Unemployed
Hear about the new line of greeting cards.
Problems with an ice cream store mascot:
Guy puts quarters in his belly button.....hear our discussion and you can also see the video of this nutty guy.
We had a little fun talking about the world's largest afro:
Read more and see the pictures
Man c…
Erin’s New Birthday ‘Curtains’
So today is Erin McCarty's birthday.
She got tons of great stuff... Including rice pudding, books, and panties!
And not just any panties... The biggest panties I've ever seen.

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