Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Lip Balm
Besides Christmas, it's one of my favorite times of year.
I'm talking about Girl Scout cookie time!
It's like a scavenger hunt... Trying to find out where the Tagalongs are!
Bride Texts During Her Wedding [VIDEO]
I swear, people will use their cell phones anywhere these days! Talking, updating Facebook,  and texting are getting out of hand.
In the theatre, in line at the credit union, in church, and at their own wedding!
MC Hammer Wants To Take On Google
When looking for things online, most of us probably use Google, Yahoo, or even Bing.
But 90's rapper MC Hammer says you can't Google this.
Or at least he hopes you won't!
John Lennon’s Tooth Up For Auction
I understand that people collect unusual things... But I'm not sure if this is creepy or cool.
Back in the 60's, John Lennon had a molar removed and then gave it to Dorothy "Dot" Jarlett, his housekeeper (How did that conversation go? Here, have a tooth???).
The Cassette Is Dead – Long Live The Cassette
I think it was 1986 or so when I got my first CD player. What? Music without scratches or hiss? That's crazy!
Despite attempts to kill the vinyl record, the last two years vinyl was the fastest growing format. Even Best Buy now sells vinyl.
Now, the Wall Street Journal says the same thing may be …

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