I was really behaved last night at Townsquare Media's annual Christmas party. Although, I DID have a couple of drinks, I maintained by composure and dignity while celebrating the season with co-workers, who are more like friends. BUT...

my experience at my husband's company Christmas party was a little different. And the crazy thing is that neither one of us consumed alcohol at his party.

He works for an auto parts store that had a company wide banquet with 2o something stores, some from Dallas and Shreveport. I only knew the people from his store in Carthage, and my daughter.

Oh yeah. My daughter was there because she dates this guy who works at my husband's store. So it was strangely enough kind of like a date with our daughter and her boyfriend. It may sound weird, but it was actually kind of fun.

The first thing I did that was embarrassing not to me, but to Wayland, was when I first walked in and my daughter's boyfriend grabbed me and we started dancing. He's been teaching my daughter and me to do the "Texas Two-Step" so we're dancing and twirling in front of everyone, and then Wayland clears his throat and says, "there's Larry Pyle."

Now, Larry Pyle is the owner of ABC Auto Parts, so I say, "nice to meet you, sir." To which he replies, "I saw you dancing over there." And, I say, "yes, can you believe I haven't had anything to drink and we're already dancing? This must be some fun party you're throwing."

The second "crazy" thing I did was having photos taken in a photo booth. When my daughter and her boyfriend came out with this strip of pictures ( in one of them they were kissing) I said, "Hey Wayland, we've been married for 21 years and we've never had our picture made in a photo booth...."

So, he reluctantly agreed and we went into the booth without the weird hats they were trying to get us to wear. Now, when I was a child, we would take these goofy pictures and you couldn't tell what you looked like or if you were even in the picture frame and they came out black and white.

These pictures were color and digital and you could actually see yourself and what the picture was going to look like. So, we got cozy and even kissed in one of them, but as luck would have, our timing was off and the kiss never made it onto the film.

I posted the pictures for you, so you can see how much fun I was having and the weird embarrassed looking expressions on Wayland's face.

The food was really good and they even had a coffee bar where you could get a pumpkin spice latte that actually tasted better than Starbucks.

There were many awards handed out to many employees for service and we sat through one of the longest acceptance speeches I've ever heard. It was like back in the day of the Academy Awards acceptance speeches when they had to play the music and cut them off, only no one was playing music and no one was cutting off this guy.

He kept thanking everyone, his mother, his aunt, his baby sitter, his next door neighbor when he was five... I'm thinking I wish he would just say thank you and sit his butt down. I've got to get up early and do a morning show after celebrating my daughter's 19th birthday with cake and ice cream at home.

That's going to put me in bed at around midnight!

People were starting to walk out and then my Christmas miracle happened. The guy was finished!

They saved the best award for last. It was the Store of the Year Award, and guess who got it for the third year?

Little Ol' Carthage, Texas, my husband's store. Whoo-hoo! When they announced Store # 14, Carthage, manager, Eli Eastwood, and then named the employees at our table as they stood, and my husband even got to stand, Wow! All of a sudden the most boring party I'd ever been to got exciting and happy, but it was over.

Not for us...we were doing the redneck "high fives" and even the Chinese Bandits LSU bow to Eli when he made it back to our table with his giant trophy.

Yep. Hicks from Carthage partying in Longview with Shreveport and Dallas folk. That was one memorable party! And in front of the kids!