The Performing Arts department and Cavalier Players from Bossier Parish Community College (BPCC) are excited to kick off their 29th annual children's show this weekend.  This year, the talented production team will present their comedic take on the classic Charles Perrault fairy tale.  The show will run for the next two weekends (February 1-3 and 8-10), but if you are expecting the same romantic story Disney handed us in 1959 - you're in for a surprise.

This production of the classic tale takes a few liberties with the source material.  Namely, the story takes place in Spain and is filled with "talking burros, famous playwrights, nice and evil fairies, beautiful princesses, handsome princes, and gigantic monsters."  If you couldn't tell, this version will feature quite a bit more humor than usually comes with a princess story.  The entire experience is designed to be a blast for you and your entire family.  Tickets are only $5 - grab your tickets and find out more on the official BPCC website here.

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