I have lost 10 pounds since beginning a cleanse nearly two weeks ago. The cleanse is over and now Dr. Jason Maggio has me on a plan that is called "20 pounds in 30 days". I have done this before and it really works. The cleanse was tough, and I did have headaches for several days once I removed caffeine from my diet. You can only drink water....no diet sodas, no Crystal Light, no coffee at all. You can squeeze lemon juice in your water and use Stevia as a sweetner, but no other artificial sweetners are allowed. The cleanse is very heavy on proteins and fresh veggies. Get details on the cleanse here.

Svadilfari, Flickr

Now I am moving to phase 2 which is the 30 day plan. It is also pretty strict, but the best part about it is that I get a cheat day every week. It's amazing how you think you will gorge on that cheat day, but you really don't. I might have a bowl of ice cream or a candy bar, but I really don't go too crazy. If you'd like to try the diet, check it out.
You can get all of the products I use for the diet at Vitamin's Plus on East Kings Highway.