If you are like me, you need motivation to do any kind of exercise. I really need motivation. Dr. Jason Maggio and Robert J. Wright promised to get me a Dillards gift card if I would walk 30 minutes 3X a week. I failed after day 2. So I tried to think of another motivation and


Dr. Maggio came up with an idea. He decided to go walk with me. And we invited listeners to go along with us. Day 1 was a little tough, but I made it two laps around the mall. Liz Guest from Benton showed up to walk with us on that first day. She even had a "Team Erin" shirt made. I was overwhelmed, to say the least.


On day 2, our little entourage grew again. And Liz came up with a name for our group. We are the CIA (chicks in action). We made it about 2 1/2 times around the mall this time and we were going a little faster. I think they tricked me and sped up as we were chatting. To be honest I really didn't know we were going faster. I did work up a pretty good sweat (misting, I like to call it).


We added even more walkers to our little CIA gang on day 3. Liz, Terri Riley and Dana Brossett showed up to help keep me motivated. It worked. We actually walked 3 laps around the mall (including all of the offshoot hallways). I didn't sweat as bad this time, but did feel a little sore when I got home. I at my dinner and then jumped in a very hot bath to soak for awhile. That really helped and I slept like a baby.


This was to be the "moment of truth" for me. It was a Friday and I had to be somewhere late in the day, so I had to move my walking session to 1PM. None of the girls could make it at that time, but Dr. Jason Maggio was going to show up at Mall St. Vincent to walk with me.  I know myself to know that if he wasn't coming, I would take the day off. But since he made time in his busy schedule, I had to go. As I'm driving over to the Mall, he calls. He is so sorry, but something very important has come up and he can't make it at 1, but he wanted to make sure I was still going to go. In fact, he said "I will put everything on hold here if you need me to come." How cool is that? I told him, not to worry, I was already enroute to the mall and I would walk by myself. Now, truth be told, if he had caught me before I left my house, I would never have gone. But I was already halfway there, so I went on to the mall and walked all by myself!! WOO HOO! I actually made it 4 laps (didn't do the offshoot halls). But I did it! That's a huge accomplishment for me.

 DAY 5

We added Cynthia to our group this time and it's so nice to share stories and find out about new people who have become friends you can always count on. I'm just this fun-loving lady who happens to have a pretty cool job on the radio and I get to share my joy with these ladies. But they share so much more with me. I've learned about each one of them and how they face the same struggles I face. As we get older, we all know it is so much harder to shed the weight that has been creeping up on us over time. Having these special ladies to share the struggle is such a huge motivation for me. I hope the CIA keeps growing.


Each morning on KVKI, I invite listeners to join us for our walks and more ladies have decided this might be the motivation they need. On Wednesday, 7 women showed up to walk with me. I still have Liz, Terri and Cynthia. But my latest stroll included newcomers, Jill, Vivi, Carole and Tonya. I haven't learned too much about them yet, but I will make it a point to have chats with each of them as we continue this journey. I do have some great news for our CIA group. Rick from Twine on Line called and wants us to drop by for dinner after our Friday walk! So we will drag our sweaty selves over there to enjoy some more time getting better acquainted.


What motivates you? For me, I won't get going unless someone else is involved. If I'm left to my own devices, I'm not going to exercise. Is that you? If so, I enourage you to join with us to get started walking. We walk at 5pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We meet right in front of Dillards and take off from there. You don't have to show up each day. If you can only make it one day a week, that's fine. If you just want to come out once and see what this is all about, that's fine too.