Ever find yourself batting gnats? Those winged nuisances that fly in front of your face and crawl on everything. I thought I had floaters in my eyes, but instead it was those darn gnats. Bananas thrown away, oranges on the patio -- and still there are gnats.

While fixing dinner with my daughter, she opened a cupboard to pull out an onion and there was this...thing. Oh. My. God. Out came a half  bag of rotten potatoes. So pungent, so rotten. She's moving swiftly to take them to the garbage can, holding them two feet in front of her gagging all the way. Slimy green stuff is dripping from the bag. Everybody's gagging and yelling, get them out, get them out! Hopefully, you didn't just gag, too.

How could this happen? Surely I'm an excellent house keeper. "Right," you might be thinking. "When's the last time you cleaned out that cupboard?" Well, I've learned my lesson all the same. Clean out those cupboards often!

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