The statement that women are from Venus and Men are from Mars is never more true then when it comes to mowing the yard.

Many a battle has been waged over this one. A man looks at the lawn service as a slap to his masculinity. He can cut the yard and save that sixty bucks a week. What a great idea! A woman sees the man running over her flower beds, cutting the yard so low it burns up from the heat, not finishing the job of edging because golf is on TV and having a heart attack and a heat stroke simultaneously. Forget that the blower doesn't work and the whole job looks like a six-year-old did it.

The time a yard service takes to do the yard is two hours, max. The result: a beautifully manicured yard the neighbors can admire and you will take pride in. The time the man of the house takes to do the yard? Well, let's not even go there.

One mowing can drag out to three days depending on the weather. And the lawn mower, edger and blower will all lay in the front yard all three of those days. Did I mention the vision of him rolling down the front yard hill with the lawnmower rolling with him, squashing him all the way to the street?

So, when the conversation comes up on how he's going to save you money by mowing the yard, quickly grab the car keys and go to the store.  He'll forget the topic by the time you come home.

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