Make no mistake about it, I'm a bird lover. Love all kinds of birds. I love to watch them. I try to figure out what kind of bird is making each chirping call. And the love of birds is how I created this next mess.
I put out bird feeders. Half a dozen or so. All kinds of feed for just about every kind of bird. Boy, do they go through the bird feed fast, throwing it everywhere. My husband started to gripe a little about the cost of bird feed, but I convinced him it was doing so much good for God's wonderful creatures.

Much to my delight, I'd sit on the patio, relax and watch the birds eating their fill from my bird feeders. I'd marvel as each new bird arrived and look him up in my bird book. All was well in the bird nature reserve, I called a back yard. Then I started seeing other things. A quick shadow on the ground darting from one bird feeder to the other. No, not squirrels. Something much more alarming. Rats!

It was an infestation like something off the pages of "Oliver Twist." They were everywhere. Gobbling all the feed that hit the ground and there was plenty of that.

Living in an older neighborhood (Spring Lake), there were rats living in the sewers and I gave them an engraved invitation to come to my yard and feast on bird seed. My husband gathered up all the bird feeders and I have no idea where they went. But once they were gone, the rats were also gone.

Sure I miss all the birds visiting my back yard. But I don't miss the rats.

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