A person has to do what a person has to do. While eating dinner at my house, one grandchild decided she didn't like steak. Beautifully cooked rib eye steak that melts in your mouth. How could anybody not like steak? Immediately, my son and daughter sprang into action and convinced her that it wasn't steak we were eating for dinner, it was pork chops.  She liked pork chops.

She gobbled up her pork chops (steak) and we all clapped for her clean plate. Of course  I kept saying,  "this steak is delicious. Don't you think this is great steak?" Everyone at the table would turn to me and say in unison, we're eating  pork chops! "Oh yeah, I meant pork chops," was my reply, vowing to myself to get with the program or keep my mouth shut.

On a scale 1 to 10,  the family decided that my memory was next to having to be put in the home and I was the worse liar they ever knew. Reason being I couldn't remember the lie.

So it was decided that nobody would ever rob a bank with me or do anything they wanted to keep a secret. Now if I could only find my car keys.

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